Tucson Home Inspection Services Include

  • Property inspections

  • Re-inspections

  • Pre-purchase inspections

  • Warranty and new construction inspections


  • ATTIC- Visible roof sheathing, ventilation, insulation & framing

  • PLUMBING SYSTEMS– All visible fixtures, pipes & drains tested for operation

  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS– Outside entrance wiring, service panel, sub panels & visible wiring inspected with random testing of outlets, switches & lights

  • WALLS, FLOORS, WINDOWS, CEILINGS– General condition of each

  • STRUCTURE– Visible condition of foundation


  • ROOF, CHIMNEY, FLASHINGS, VALLEYS– Evidence of water penetration, materials & condition

  • SIDING, TRIM, WINDOWS, & STORMS– General condition of each

  • GUTTERS, DOWNSPOUTS– Overall condition, effects of dampness in basement and its ability to carry off rainwater

  • DRIVEWAYS, PATIOS DECKS– General condition of each